Finding Isvara

Doing yoga | Having fun | Getting real.

The real story of three unique yogis on the path to self-discovery through Ashtanga Yoga

Courtney Wolfgang - CocoA Beach, Florida

Courtney first came to yoga as a competitive athlete seeking rehabilitation from numerous sports  injuries.  She practiced Bikram yoga for 2 years before attending Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 with the desire to share the healing power of yoga.  She taught Bikram yoga for 7 years, helping countless students overcome their own injuries and illnesses through the therapeutic power of the classically-based series.  However, she eventually reached a point of burn-out and decided to distance herself from hot yoga to reevaluate her path.

After  nearly a year of very little yoga, Courtney found the practice of Ashtanga.  In the past, her motivation for doing yoga was all about the  physical benefits and how it improved her as an athlete.  But when she started Ashtanga yoga, something shifted.  She was finally at the point in her life where  she could embrace the greater mental and spiritual benefits of this dedicated mind-body practice.

In 2015, Courtney attended Miami Life Center's Ashtanga Intensive to deepen her knowledge.  Now, she apprentices at with Greg Nardi at Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide and is dedicated to becoming the best teacher she can be.

Aside from teaching yoga, Courtney loves to surf, travel around the Caribbean, Central America, and anywhere else tropical, grow organic veggies, and listen to reggae music.  She has a wonderful husband who also practices yoga and delights in watching his journey unfold as well.