Finding Isvara

Doing yoga | Having fun | Getting real.

The real story of three unique yogis on the path to self-discovery through Ashtanga Yoga


Finding Isvara is the story of three yogis on the path of self-discovery through the practice of yoga.  We aim to share the REAL story of a dedicated yoga practice beyond the pretty poses you see on social media--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We hope our individual perspectives resonate with our readers and inspire them along their own path of personal growth.

The three of us met while attending Miami Life Center's Ashtanga Intensive in July of 2015, where we bonded over our passion for yoga. Now, after working together on a near-daily basis to produce this blog, our friendship has deepened. We look to one another for support and encouragement as we face challenges in yoga, teaching, or life in general. Though we are thousands of miles apart, we’re an integral part of each others' practice.

We welcome you to be part of our yoga tribe by reading our posts and sharing your thoughts as well. We learn so much from readers, and we thank you for taking this journey with us!